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Privacy Policy

UMS Media is a registered member of the Federation of European Direct and Interactive Marketing (FEDMA) and the Direct Marketing Association (DMA). UMS Media adheres to all regulations set out by said organisations and complies with all applicable data protection and data privacy laws within the UK and in Europe. In order for continued membership, we undergo unscheduled compliance checks.

UMS Media does not send out unsolicited email, all of our data is opted-in and has been purchased from reliable data suppliers consisting solely of corporate entities and non-personal emails. Our email content is strictly adhering to companies who have opted in for services/products that are of interest to them, we distribute our email campaigns based on the information that the company has supplied us such as industry, location or number of employees. In adherence to customer privacy we do not share or resell any of our data.

Our opt-out procedures are clear and concise, to opt out of any email communication there exists an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email we send out. All unsubscriptions are handled automatically and securely updates into our blocklist. Our support and abuse email addresses are actively checked and all spam complaints are taken very seriously. We remove addresses from our database upon request and block domains using our suppression lists to further ensure customer satisfaction. Our opted-in data undergoes opt-out opportunities routinely.

Listed below are types of emails/industries that are never to be sent through our platform, these are not limited to the following:

- Illegal goods of any form
- Explicit emails
- Dating services
- Medical and pharmaceutical goods
- Get rich quick schemes
- Gambling promotions