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About Us

UMS Media provide full digital and direct marketing
solutions for all industry Sectors. We have over 20
years experience and are experts in email, Fax,
voice and SMS broadcasting as well as providing
marketing lists and data cleansing. We use our
knowledge of the market to help our clients
generate the best possible response from their

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Email marketing is an excellent choice when you need direct sales. We’ll provide you with one of the markets best databases for B2B marketing, our own dedicated email servers with a 97%+ deliverability rate – and of course design of the email campaign, included a free landing page if you wish.



You come to us with a good offer. Our sales representatives will help you create the perfect campaign suited to your needs and demands. Chose your target audience from our large database.



Our design team then start working on your design. We have many years experience in the field, and now what works. You’ll get sent an image file of how the design will looks, once you approve it the design is sent to coding.



Once the design is set, and you’re happy with your email campaign, we’re ready to send. The campaign is sent through our own email platform. Within short time you’ll get the first leads.


Even in our modern digital age, fax marketing is one of the most successful and effective methods for leads generating campaigns. The absence of spam filters ensure your fax is received by the recipient. 90% of leads come the day of sending, while 9 out of 10 companies get response on their first fax. We offer you the largest database for fax numbers in the UK, and fast turn around times. Contact us today for a unconditional offer for your next marketing campaign.



You come to us with a good offer. Our sales representatives help you shape your campaign and find your target audience in our large database.



Your campaign is handed over to our designers, who will start designing your fax campaign. A first draft is sent back to you. After we receive your corrections, and you’re happy with the result we’re ready to start the sending.



At a speed of 180 000 faxes an hour your campaign is sent out to your selected database. We provide you with a free faxback number so that your potential clients can respond to your fax. Within 24 hours you’ll receive the majority of your response.


SMS marketing is a very effective way to communicate. Most people have a mobile phone, and text messages are read immediately. The breakthrough of smartphones has opened up endless possibilities within SMS marketing. UMS Media has many years of experience with execution and SMS campaigns. We can do the sending for you, or you can get access to our system to do it yourself. The signature of a successful SMS campaign is a good offer, an extensive database, and the right gateway.



The most secure way to ensure a good response to your SMS campaign is to have a good offer. Be sure to include discounts, free shipping, 2 for 1 or other deals. Since an SMS is limited in its characters the message needs to be catching.



You can send a SMS as long as you have the consent or an existing costumer relation. You also have to give the recipient a way to opt out. One of the most common ways is to answer the text with STOP.



Be aware of rogue operators. We can guarantee you that all SMS you send will be delivered to the mobile phone. As a sender you can use one of our response numbers, or an alphanumeric number (e.g. the name of your company). So, if you have a good offer, a good database, and send through our systems, you are guaranteed response.  


Fax Campaign for Team MCI


Fax Campaign for Citroen
Cystar Direct

Cystar Direct

Fax Campaign for Cystar Direct

Over the years we have helped over 3000 clients improve their sales. Here are some of them.


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About us

  +44 (0) 845 20 500 21

UMS Media is a full service digital and direct
marketing agency for all industries. We have 13
years experience in the direct marketing industry.
We are experts in email marketing, SMS marketing,
and fax marketing.

We often use untraditional methods in order to
help our clients generate response to their
campaigns. We have helped over 3000
clients generate business. 9 out of 10 customers
get response on their first campaign.

29 market minded employees are ready to help
you to win more business. We own our own
equipment and don`t have to outsource services.
We are a FEDMA and DMA member and all our
marketing is carried our in line with local legislation.

We own our own databases and currently hold
one of the most comprehensive lists where YOU
can find NEW CLIENTS